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Your gateway to a new perspective on steam railroading.

Our photo charters are not just trips; they are time-traveling expeditions designed for train lovers and photographers alike. We offer a unique platform to capture the golden era of steam railroading, providing access to scenes and moments that recreate the rich history of railroads across the country.

Through our photographer events, we aim to showcase the essence of each host railroad, its unique landscape, equipment, and the people who keep the steam era alive. Our mission is to offer you a photographic journey like no other, where every click of the shutter brings history to life.

Why consider a photo charter or workshop?

Frame the past and enhance your photography skills

About Dak Dillon

Dak Dillon is a seasoned traveler and an avid adventurer, constantly in search of the next extraordinary photography expedition.

With a diverse background in photography, Dak’s work now focuses on capturing the elements he is most passionate about: steam trains, nature, and architecture. Dak’s photography includes both medium format film and digital gear and a recent expansion into cinematic video.

Before embarking on the creation of a digital creative and marketing agency, Dak honed his skills as a photographer with a primary focus on sports, covering college athletics and NASCAR. His extensive experience includes working with wire services such as USA Today Sports Images, and his photography has graced the pages of various editorial magazines, newspapers, and portfolios of Fortune 500 companies.

Beyond photography, Dak is an Emmy-nominated and Promax Award-winning production designer, bringing a rich background of creativity and visual storytelling to every project.

Railroad photo charters allow unique access and photographic opportunities that recreate a bygone era on railroads across the country.

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